Monday, March 22, 2010

I still have a blog

I am just not in the habit of updating it. It's kind of interesting, actually. It took a month of writing updates to get me in the habit of writing in this thing, but then maybe a week, two weeks tops, before I fell out of the habit of updating every day. After that, it seemed inevitable that whole months would go by before I said anything further.

But enough of that.

Since I last wrote, I've had some firsthand experience at using some of the techniques I've been theorizing about since reading the DMG 2 and musing on it.

Thus far, I have
  • Run a behind-the-scenes skill challenge

  • Used a skill challenge to transition between encounter areas

  • Created opportunities which would nurture the Explorer player type

  • Used failed skill challenges to propel the story forward

  • Allowed the PCs to be victorious, though ultimately their side lost

I have learned a great deal from them. After class, I'll update on the first few of these, and talk about what I have found works, and what seems like I could do a bit more tweaking.

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